May 27 to June 17, 2018 (5th edition)

The International Symposium of Sculpture of Saint-Georges, an event not to be missed.

Beauce Art has the mandate to promote sculpture through the presentation of the works of 10 sculptors per year who will create monumental art works  in Saint-Georges. This event will be held for 10 consecutive years. To ensure the durability of these works, metal and stone will be used.

Beauce Art is a nonprofit organization whose purpose is to present an annual 3-week international sculpture project.  Begun in 2014, the event spans a period of ten years and is sponsored by the O.I.F.(Organisation internationale de la francophonie).

These events will create a permanent open-air exhibition of sculptures which St.Georges can be proud of, now and for years to come.

As a major event on the cultural scene of Quebec, Beauce Art is an opportunity for the public to experience the creation of art firsthand as well as delight in the beauty of its exquisite sculptures.

The organization was formed on the principles of esthetics and beauty.  By gathering gifted working artists and their sculptures, its role to educate can only flourish.





The Fifth Edition:   
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As a new event in the cultural landscape in Quebec, Beauce Art is an opportunity, an encounter, a must ... Sublime by its genesis, the organization wants to be at the service of beauty and aesthetics. Rallying around the sculptures and the artists, Beauce Art's role as an educator can only grow under this theme.

Only the light traces the arduous path of the sculptor's look. Light, it is she who breathes vibrant life and vital energy at the work. The sculptures are developing a spatial field, through full and empty, torn from hammered materials in layers along a continuum subjected to light vibrations that constantly transform them through the supreme endurance of the sculptor performing the extreme sport of his art...

2018 Patron of Honour

Louise St-Pierre

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For its forth edition, Beauce Art receives again  the support of OIF through sponsorship of honorary secretary general Michaëlle Jean.

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