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SCULPTING HISTORY, out in the open

"Beauce Art : L'international de la sculpture", for its fifth edition, organizes a Symposium highlighting the importance of history in art sculpture. This edition's theme will explore the imaginary related to the history and to the historical events which marked Beauce County, Ouebec, Canada, the world. We will also explore some of the social consequences of history and the imaginaries that animate them.

The event will gather 10 sculptors in Saint-Georges de Beauce, in the historie square on the banks of the "Rivière Chaudière", most precisely in the "Parc Lacasse", whose concern will be to relate, through truthful facts, different ways of telling and perceiving the story of a city, a country, the world and its people.

There are various ways of understanding history. By their imagination, these talented sculptors will create in this museal space, a historie context of public interest.

We currently live in a dynamic and transitory period of history. We witness how fast the memory of significant events expires or disappear. « Physical monuments », such as the sculpture of Saint Georges and the dragon, commemorating an important event of a city or a country, hardly exist anymore. People pay little immediate attention to these masterpieces. Oftentimes, they become shelved abjects due to the presence of hashtags and the new profile pic-filters. People get tired quickly and go on with the next.

Let's now imagine a city where history is told by a chaos of information and visualized in the city's park of sculptures. What will it be good for? Why not give the opportunity to observe and raise people's awareness of creation, of imagination and of history allowing, at the same time, the embellishment of this patrimonial space known as « Place de l'église » where a beautifu I eq uestrian statue created by Louis Jobin thrones in front of the church si nce 1912.

"Beauce Art : L'international de la sculpture" aims to be a signal, an indication of brilliant emerging ideas which contributes to our comprehension of the current and fluctuating history of the world. "Beauce Art : L'international de la sculpture" focuses on an exalted vision of universal history, of Beauce County and of the international contemporary history. For some creators, this theme might have no scientific bases, and it is fine! Sculpture will thus become instrumental to our inner search for history based on a romantic vision of the historie discipline. Each, in our own way, we are historians. Sculptors will easily do the same. Historie liberty in Beauce!

Thematic written and presented by Joseph-Richard Veilleux, Beauce Art: L'international de la sculpture art director









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