As many large projects, Beauce Art is the culmination of several initiatives and makes of Saint-George a stimulating and enjoyable place to live and a touristic destination that cannot be ignored. Beauce Art unifies the implementation of urban planning and cultural development policy of the city of Saint-Georges, Beauce metropolis.

By 1908, the city of Saint-Georges was the forerunner of the first cultural movement, with the acquisition of the sculpture "St. George and the Dragon" ordered by Saint-Georges West Church council to the artist Louis Jobin. Its installation and blessing in 1913 were therefore a departure.

Within the framework of the 250th anniversary of the Beauce, "Beauce Art 87" won a huge success with large exhibitions of art works from Beauce artists. The following year "Beauce Art 88" marked the first links with the great Francophonie, at an exhibition in Paris, where 15 artists depict 15 stages of Beauce life through their works.

The creation in 1988 of the corporation 'Rendez-Vous à la Rivière' (Meet at the River) by a group of visionary donors and citizens concerned about the wellbeing and the health of their citizens, was the start of a global development vision. This completely different approach gave our city a true heart, stretching from one end of the city to the other, in the axis of the Chaudière river. The construction of footbridges above the river to access an island, the setting up of an inflatable and retractable dam and the preservation of the river banks gave birth to a vast, enjoyable and safe linear park.

The seed of a revitalization movement was well planted and could only grow. It was through Mr. Paul Baillargeon, development vice-president for 'Rendez-Vous à la Rivière', and the strong desire of the newly elected city council that "Le Musée Extérieur Vivant" (Outdoor Living Museum) came into existence. An extraordinary team of volunteers planted 200 different lilac cultivars in park Veilleux and Pozer island and descriptive plate accompanies each plant.  'Le Musée Extérieur Vivant' constitutes a prodigious horticultural legacy for our community.

'Le Musée Extérieur Vivant', its originality and the beauty of the venue elated Mr. Frank Moro, "Lilacs" co-author and rare lilac hybridizer. He offered to sell to 'Rendez Vous à la Rivière' 800 additional lilac cultivars. In October 2011, this new project, which was in line with the revitalization objectives of the elected officials, was presented to Ville Saint-Georges. City officials gave their approval for the establishment and development of 'Le Musée des Lilas' (The Lilac Museum) and the mandate for its realization was entrusted to the Horticultural Society 'La Chaudière Fleurie'. By 2015, 'The Lilac Museum' and St-Georges will be the home of the largest collection of different lilac cultivars in the world.

With this collective victory for the growth of our city, Mr. Baillargeon began to dream of a broader spectrum development that would include the arts and culture. Having the privilege of having Jean-Louis Roy (a diplomat originally from the Beauce, ex 'délégué général du Québec à Paris' and ex Director General of the International Organization of la Francophonie) as a cousin, it was relatively easy for him to communicate and find support for his dream an of an international sculpture symposium.

In his desire to see the event endure through the years, Mr. Roy suggested that the event should be held over a period of 10 years and agreed to be the Honor President for its first year. The long term commitment of Beauce Art insures conditions for success and will be an extraordinary cultural bequest to future generations.

The Honorable Abdou Diouf, Secretary-General of La Francophonie, was so excited about this project that he agreed to patron the first symposium's edition creating a precedent in Quebec by having a city the size of Saint-Georges getting the support of such an important organization. A non-profit organization was legally constituted to oversee, manage and develop Beauce Art International Sculptures.

  • To establish Saint-Georges de Beauce as the world capital of stone and metal sculpture recognized by international artists, local and world-wide population, tourists and by the International Organization of La Francophonie.
  • To act as a propeller for significant cultural development and as an engine for economic and tourism development of the Beauce region.





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