Jean-Louis Roy: President of Honour for Beauce Art 2014

Proud of their origins, Jean-Louis Roy likes to recall that he spent the major part of his youth in Beauce. In 1957, he obtained his BA in history at the Université Laval. Four years later, he received his Ph.D. in history from McGill University. Since then, he has been awarded an honorary doctorate from the Université Sainte-Anne and Université de Moncton.

In 1960, Jean-Louis Roy began his career as a teacher and researcher and became director of the Centre for French-Canadian Studies at McGill, a position he held from 1971 to 1981. In 1980, Mr Roy became the fifth editor of Le Devoir, where he remained for 6 years. Under his leadership, the layout of the newspaper Le Devoir is rejuvenated and the economic news and entertainment covering is increased.

In 1986, Jean-Louis Roy leaves Le Devoir to take the positions of Québec's Delegate General in Paris and the Delegate of the Francophone Multilateral Affairs until 1990.

That same year, Jean-Louis Roy became Secretary General of the 'Agence de la Francophonie' in Paris. He is then mandated to promote cooperation between the 49 member states of La Francophonie in addition to implementing political, economic and social programs voted and elaborated during the meetings of Heads of State and Government. He held this position for eight years, until 1998.J

ean-Louis Roy then worked as a consultant in affairs relating to the Francophonie. He has also taught as a visiting professor at York University in Ontario and the University of Moncton in New Brunswick. In 2001, he was appointed Chancellor of the Université Sainte-Anne in Nova Scotia.

In 2002, Jean-Louis Roy was appointed President of Rights & Democracy. Previously, he was President of the League of Human Rights Commissioner of Quebec and the President of the Commission on Human Rights and Freedoms of Quebec. He has received numerous awards, including the Rights and Freedoms Award of the Commission on Human Rights and Youth Rights of Quebec.

Jean-Louis Roy is also the author of numerous books including The XX1e Europe, La Francophonie: The Community Project and a New Africa at the Dawn of XX1e Century.





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